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MODELCHOICE.NET is the collective project Plus Model , Aires and Calibre 35 firms, which stood at its beginning. The aim of this project is to help any modeler (and especially those modelers outside the common net of modeler shops), to directly purchase the quality models and accessories of the Czech origin.

MODELCHOICE.NET is open to all Czech producers willing and able to fulfill the basic principles of this free corporation, and any member can terminate his participation in accordance with his will. For our customers, it signifies the only thing – to be in the contact and to check our offers regularly.

The basic principles of operations towards the public are published in the document “Trade conditions”. We would like to offer our goods of the whole production range under advantageous conditions, in acceptable terms – our intention is to dispatch ordered goods within 24 hours after order receipt. The acceleration of the deliveries and shortening of the whole process is considered as a big advantage to our cusromer.

We believe, that our offer addresses any of you and you will use this system in a productive way.

Current members of the MODELCHOICE.NET are as follows:

  • Aires
  • Plus Model

This WEB site is operated by Plus Model Ltd., Jižní 56, 370 10 České Budějovice, Czech Republic (e-mail: ).

  • All items offered on our web MODELCHOICE generally originates from the Czech producers.
  • All items offered at MODELCHOICE are in stock and that is why they are dispatched immediately – it means still the same day of the order or the next day at latest.
  • Items, which are not in stock at the moment of order receipt, are not depicted in the topical offer of the MODELCHOICE. It means that if any item cannot be offered at that moment, it could be offered here within a week – if its producer is included in the
  • The value of all dispatched items is related to their prices valid at the moment of the order.
  • All payment is to be done using credit card. It is the easiest, quickest and absolutely non-problematic way of the payment . The payment system is guaranteed by 3-D SECURE technology.

  • We are able accept following types of credit cards: EUROCARD / MASTERCARD, VISA, MAESTRO, VISA ELEKTRON
  • Each consignment contains the complete bill.

  • All goods is dispatched by air mail. The postage is 30% of the goods value, the minimum fee is 8,- EUR. Orders over 180,-EUR are post free.

    Please insert the delivery address correctly, use the Latin alphabet - pay attention.
    We will send a notice of delivery to your e-mail address. Please check your local post office, the air mail delivery term is 1 - 2 weeks.
    Consignments returned as undeliverable by reason of wrong post address or repudation of consignment from post will NOT be shipped again, we are sorry.

  • Faulty goods. We always try to check all consignment for faulty goods or incompleteness of the consignment, but it is quite obvious that we acannot check every item. If your kit contains defective or missing parts, please advise us and inform us about  the defect nature or the number of the part and we will send a spare part as soon as possible. Do not unnecessarily return complete kits, as it requires further charges for both sides. Faulty decals can be returned as a compensation. If any other query or doubts, please contact us immediately. Orders including any items ordered by mistake or doubled are not the reason for the claim.

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